Uniquely positioned at the leading edge of composite technology, we are able to harness the potential of both carbon and glass reinforced plastic (commonly referred to as fibreglass) composite structures on behalf of our clients.

Our complete in-house service is available to all clients, and our proven expertise and application of specialist composite components makes us a key partner for numerous specialist markets. We can undertake projects in high performance sectors, such as the aviation, marine, renewables, automotive, agriculture, sports and recreation, military and construction markets, and draw upon our knowledge, skills and resources to expertly engineer solutions.

We provide the following services to create quality carbon composites and GRP:

  • Product development and design
  • Part prototyping
  • Plug and mould design and manufacture
  • Closed Mould, Open Mould, Heated Mould, LRTM, RTM and VARTM

We manufacture a selection of parts, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Wind turbine blades: 2.7m, 4m and up to 14m plus Nacelle covers
  • Light boat hulls: 5m to 6m
  • Boat hulls: 6m to 10m (and In-house boat repair)
  • Small, medium, large and Super yacht components: Carbon fibre antenna posts, spinnaker poles and door panels etc
  • Bespoke machine covers and skins
  • Refrigeration container parts
  • Emergency vehicle components
  • Truck and trailer aerofoils

The Platinum Composites team uses a wide variety of materials – including polyester, Vynalester, epoxy, GRP, FRP, Kevlar, carbon fibre, Prepreg GRP and Prepreg carbon fibre – to develop the best method and composite material for your application.

Our in-house plant is fully equipped to provide a single source solution to your composite requirements. Complete with a fully equipped tool room, 12m spray oven booth with extraction, 17m autoclave and training facility, our 10,000 square foot workshop is capable of providing not just the specialist structures and components you require but the knowledge and support you need at every stage.

For further information regarding our capabilities or the carbon/GRP products you require please contact us today.