The use of composites – both carbon fibre and glass reinforced plastic (GRP) – is particularly useful within the construction industry, and many clients within this specific sector are reaping the rewards of its renowned weight to strength ratio. In addition to its high strength and low weight qualities, composite use in construction provides excellent resistance to water and corrosion, a useful property when designing and manufacturing many building components and architectural fittings.

favoured by architects

While the use of carbon and glass reinforced composites is widespread in many specialist sectors (global composite demand has increased and is set to expand further within the aviation, renewables, sports and leisure, industrial and automotive markets), its use in construction is relatively new. Since its integration into the construction market however, applications within the industry have continued to grow and now carbon fibre and GRP usage delivers a range of interesting and successful solutions. Used predominantly in acoustic and thermal insulation, concrete reinforcement and soil stabilisation, the ease of handling, flexibility and lightness of such reinforced materials is proving particularly beneficial. Composites now form part of the construction of many building types, including large scale public architecture such as stadiums and airports. Composites are being favoured by architects, builders and developers over more conventional materials like steel, wood and concrete across many aspects of a build.

Our expertise in creating construction composites ensures you can embrace the functional and aesthetic advantages of carbon fibre and glass reinforced plastic. We can design and manufacture parts for the construction industry, building items such as H-beams and cross beams from GRP instead of timber to transform the structural profile of buildings of all sizes. Our team can also provide composite re-enforcements for foundations and architectural fittings for interiors.

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