Sports & Recreation

Our carbon composites have helped to deliver a vital performance boost to equipment used in sports and recreation. Sleek and high-tech in their appearance, our carbon fibre parts deliver strength and low weight capabilities like no other. Carbon fibre composites are five times stronger than steel, 70% lighter than steel and 40% lighter than aluminium, materials that have been used traditionally by the sports and recreation market.

Natural materials, like wood, are also conventionally used thanks to their level of shock absorption. However, their lack of resistance and high moisture absorption are major drawbacks, shortcomings that could be solved with a switch to composite sports equipment.

Using the latest high-end engineering techniques and best practice we are able to develop the technical solutions that organisations like you need. The application of composite materials in sports equipment may be relatively recent but it is no new thing. Many clients are still only just discovering the benefits that reinforced composites can bring. Being lighter in weight, carbon fibre sports equipment is easier to transport however this doesn’t mean a compromise on strength. Resistance, durability, reliability and low maintenance are all qualities associated with carbon composite sports equipment.

We can work with organisations serving the sports and recreation market to provide purpose built solutions and meet their equipment requirements. Our team can design and produced a range of specialist sports equipment using quality composites to unlock greater stiffness, fatigue strength and damping. With expertise to develop parts and carbon frames for bikes, carbon hockey sticks, composite helmets and other sports equipment, we can assist you in your upcoming project.

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